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We, are the publishers of Vijayapatha Media  VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA online magazine  and Vijayapatha Media  and related publications. We own and manage the internet websites https://vijayapatha.in,  These are our terms and conditions for use of the network, which you may access in several ways, including but not limited to the World Wide Web via https://vijayapatha.in www.Vijayapatha Media.com, , mobile phone and RSS feeds. In these terms and conditions, when we say the “Website” we mean the digital information networks, the mobile website, mobile application, operated by or on behalf of the parent company, its subsidiaries and affiliates regardless of how you access the network, as well as any Vijayapatha Media apps whether you access those via the Website or a third party site. However when you access the Website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you have accessed the Website from the United States or any other country which are signatories to the WIPO and other international treaties/conventions on Intellectual Property, you also agree to be bound by terms and conditions contained herein.

The Reades,Editors,Managers will be encloed and under the following policies and rules as respectively.

Fact-checking Policy-https://kannada.Vijayapatha Media.com/?page_id=2688
Ethics Policy-https://kannada.Vijayapatha Media.com/?page_id=2692
Corrections Policy-https://kannada.Vijayapatha Media.com/?page_id=2696
Ownership & funding information-https://kannada.Vijayapatha Media.com/?page_id=2698
Editorial team information-https://kannada.Vijayapatha Media.com/?page_id=2704


Use of material appearing on the Website

All contents of this website, including the software, design, logos, trademarks, text, graphics, and any other tools or applications are owned by or licensed to us and are protected by copyright under the Intellectual Property laws of India and under the various other international conventions/treaties to which India is a signatory. Apart from fair dealing for the purpose of personal use, private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under copyright legislation, you may not reproduce, transmit, adapt, distribute, sell, modify or publish or otherwise use any of the material on this website without our prior written consent.

Your use of the Website is for your own personal and non-commercial use only. You acknowledge that, as between Vijayapatha Media  and you, except for user content and advertisements (as discussed below), Vijayapatha Media is the sole owner of all content on the Website, including, without limitation, all applicable copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, logos, and other intellectual property rights thereto, as well as text, images, graphics, logos, audio, video and other material appearing on the Website The Website and the Vijayapatha Media Content are protected by the copyright laws and other intellectual property laws of India, United Kingdom, the United States of America and are protected globally by applicable international copyright treaties/conventions.

You may download and print extracts from the Vijayapatha Media Content for your own personal and non-commercial use only, provided you maintain and abide by any author attribution, copyright or trademark notice or restriction in any material that you download or print. You may not use any our Content for any other purpose without our prior written approval and permission. Except as expressly authorised by us and in the terms of “Copyright Policy” hereunder, you are not allowed to create a database in electronic or paper form comprising all or part of the material appearing on the Website or do/abstain from doing any of the acts/omissions mentioned under the “Copyright Policy”.

Copyright Policy

This copyright policy sets out how users are permitted to use our content and also explains the types of use that require the purchase/grant of additional licenses. This policy forms part of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change our copyright policy from time to time by publishing an updated policy on our Website, which shall become effective and replace any previous policy with effect from publication. Applicability of Indian Copyright Act, 1957

Copyright law gives the copyright owner the exclusive right to control the use of copyright protected works. Section 2 of the Indian Copyright Act 1957 protects all the material published on our Website and other digital/wireless platforms. The VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content and the Website is protected by Indian Copyright Act 1957 and should only be used as set out in the “Fair Use of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content” section below. Use that is made without our permission may therefore infringe our copyright which can result in personal and corporate liability. Where we state below that something is not allowed or permitted, then to do so is a breach of our terms and conditions: that is, it is a breach of contract, and also violate copyright law.


You may do the following:

  • View our content for your personal use on any device that is compatible with the Website (this might be your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device) and store our content on that device for your personal use.
  • Print single copies of articles on paper for your personal use.
  • Share links to articles by using any sharing tools we make available.


Republishing or redistributing of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content

Except as set out above, you may not copy VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA  Content from the Website or any third-party source of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content such as news aggregators and you may not republish or redistribute full text articles, for example by pasting them into emails or republishing them in any media, including websites, newsletters or intranets or any other digital platforms. We recognize that users of the Internet want to share information with others. We therefore permit limited republishing and redistribution of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content as set out below provided that this does not create a Substitute for VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA’s own products or services. We define “Substitute” as a product or service that reduces the need for users or other third parties to pay for VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content directly or indirectly, or which creates revenue from the VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content to the disservice of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA’s own ability to generate revenues from that content.

Subject to what is mentioned above, the following is permitted:

  • Publish online, the original VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA headline and a link to the article and the first 140 characters of an article (hereinafter referred to as “teaser text”).
  • Forward the original headlines, links and teaser text to other individuals.
  • Download our RSS feeds and view them for your personal use. We currently publish headlines and teaser text within our RSS feeds. You may also make an RSS feed available to third parties, users within an organization you work for or users of a website that you publish, on the condition that you comply with the restrictions set out below.


The restrictions on the above are as set out hereunder:

  • Only publish the feed for access via a web-based browser.
  • Do not use or publish the feed as part of a paid for service or for other commercial gain.
  • Publish the feed as it is made available on the Website, so that you only include the headline and teaser content and ensure that the headline links back to the full text article on the Website.
  • Attribute the feed to the VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA as “© Vijayapatha Media [year]” or “© Vijayapatha Media [year]” as applicable.
  • Do not archive the feed or any of its content.
  • Comply with our guidelines on usage of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA logos.


Copying or summarizing of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content

As referred to above you may not republish or redistribute full text articles (except as permitted by any sharing tools we make available).

You may however republish or redistribute” Summaries” of VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content if you comply with the conditions set out below. “Summaries” can be either an “extract” or an “abstract”. By “extract” we mean 20 words copied verbatim from VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content which are inserted into a longer original work. By “abstract” we mean a 20-word non-verbatim summary of the news or facts reported in the VIJAYAPATHA MEDIAContent which does not form part of a longer work and does not misrepresent the original VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA Content.

Conditions to comply with in order to produce summaries:

  • You source the Website as the author of any article from which you have derived a summary by way of an attribution such as “[journalist name] at the Vijayapatha Media/Vijayapatha Media reported that”, with a hypertext link from the word “Vijayapatha Media” or “Vijayapatha Media” to the original story published on the Website.
  • In the case of abstracts, you make clear that the abstract has been produced by you by stating “this abstract from the Vijayapatha Media/ was produced by [name]”, with a hypertext link from the word “Vijayapatha Media” or “Vijayapatha Media” to the original story published on the Website.
  • You ensure that your summaries do not in whole or in part form a Substitute for VIJAYAPATHA MEDIA’s own products and services (see above for how we define Substitute). The more su
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